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Welcome to Razz Software

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Razz Software publishes iPad & iPhone apps that will make your tail wag (assuming you’ve got one).
Find an iPad LocallyFindOne: Find an in-stock iPad Locally

thumbnailTennisMage: Like having a tennis coach on your iPad


If you have questions or need help with one of our apps, please see the Support Page.

If you have suggestions or need to contact one of the developers, see below.

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Support for FindOne & FindOne Plus

If you have a question or a problem* with the software, please post a comment here and the developer will get back to you ASAP.

Suggestions and requested features are always welcome.  Please give a brief description of your idea, and we’ll add it to our list.

Thanks for trying FindOne!   N.B. As of FindOne version 3.0, FindOne and FindOne Plus have been combined into a single app that supports in-app purchase of more stores and products (as they become available).  This makes it possible to add more products, while keeping engineering costs under control.

*Please note that all data displayed by FindOne is gathered from the corresponding store’s database and aggregated by the app. 

The apps have no control over how frequently the individual store’s inventory is updated or how accurate it is. (Sorry!)

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